How To Check If Rechargeable Batteries Are Still Good

It is highly important to check the status of your batteries, new or old. Having your rechargeable batteries stop working while using a device is not fun.

So, how do you check if your rechargeable batteries are functional? There are simple methods to do this. Stick with us to find out.

How To If Check AA And AAA Rechargeable Batteries Are Good

Charge The Rechargeable Battery

This is the first step in determining if your rechargeable batteries are still good or not. Get a charger and charge the battery or batteries in question. Make sure the battery charger is the appropriate one for the battery. Ensure that the rechargeable batteries are fully charged. Don’t try to disconnect the battery charger until you are certain that the battery is fully charged.

Get A Battery Tester

Use a battery tester to see if the rechargeable battery is still in a good shape. A battery tester is an electronic device that is used to test the level of current and the cell voltage present in the battery. 

While this is a great way to find out if your batteries are capable of holding a charge, the result is not usually accurate. If you want to be more certain about this, try to use a multimeter.

Make Use Of A Multimeter

A standard multimeter also referred to as VOM, is a handheld electronic device that is used in measuring electric components of the voltage, resistance, and current in another device.

It is a very effective way of checking if your AAA and AA batteries are still good. Its meter displays the voltage of the battery. The results will let you know if the batteries are good or weak. A standard rechargeable AA battery comes with 1.5 cell voltage capacity. If the multimeter displays a cell voltage of 1.2 after measurement, you will need to replace such batteries.

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To conduct this test, start by setting your multimeter to direct current voltage setting (DCV). Make sure to set it at a twenty volts level. For proper reading, position the clips on the multimeter against the appropriate terminals of the battery. The red clip should rest on the negative terminal and black clip takes the positive battery terminal. The terminals are usually marked in order to help you differentiate the negative from the positive.

If the result of the reading displays volts within 1.3 volts to 1.5 cell voltage, you are good to go. Anything lesser than this means replacement is required.

Put The Rechargeable Battery In A Device

So, you don’t have access to a battery tester or a multimeter? You can try checking how good your battery is by putting it in an appropriate device. While this method does not display the charge or show the cell voltage measurement, it will still let you know if the battery is functional.

Start by ensuring that the battery or batteries are fully charged. Get your device and put the rechargeable battery in it. Now, watch out for the following.

If your device refuses to function, then it is obvious that the batteries are bad. Sometimes, the device might be faulty. In order to be more certain, test the batteries in another device, if the same result persists, the batteries are definitely bad. 

How To Check If A Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Is Good

After years of use, your lithium-ion battery might start losing its charge. So, before it eventually makes your device stop working or once you notice that it drains away really fast, you can try to ascertain if it is good. 

  • Start by removing the battery from your device. If the lithium battery is sealed in, you might need to do a little unscrewing.
  • Get a voltmeter, also known as voltage meter. This electronic device is used to measure the possible voltage or difference between two points in an electronic circuit. Identify the negative and positive connectors on your battery. Put the negative and positive leads on the voltmeter on the battery terminals. Once you do this, the meter will display the cell voltage present in your battery. It is important to know the initial cell voltage of the battery. You will compare this to the result displayed by the meter in order to know if the battery needs replacement.

Kindly click on the link below to watch a video how to check if your batteries are good:

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